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Stop and Shop Customer survey often turn confusing, and here we are to end all your curiosity and confusion about Stop and Shop Survey. Welcome to, greetings from us. This blog covers Top Ten StopandShop Survey questions and answers. Let’s start it then:

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Question 1: How often can I enter the sweepstakes? And can I enter the Talktostopandshop survey several times by the same survey code? 

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Answer: So there’s an entry period of a month in which each participant can enter five times with a different receipt. But, you cannot enter more than one time with a single survey code. 

Question 2: I’ve read about the survey and am eligible for it. What is the first and last date to enter the survey in 2021?

Answer: After going through the rules, you can easily participate between 1 January, 2021 to 31 March, 2021

Question 3: What’re the total prizes amount to be given in the survey? 


Answer: The prizes to be distributed to participants in Survey are worth $150, 000

Question 4: I’ve recently purchased something from my local Shop and Stop Store. Till when can I enter the Talktostopandshop survey through this receipt?

Answer: The receipt of the survey invitation code is valid for up to five days. 

Question 5: Is the Talktostopandshop survey prohibited for store employees? Tell me why? 


Answer: Yes, if you’re a store employee or family you cannot participate in the survey. This rule is just to eliminate biased results of the survey. 

Question 6: Based on your last visit, tell us the familiarity of the products you needed and you got.

Answer: You should answer this question honestly based on your own experience and opinion with Talk to Stop And Shop. 

Question 7: Does the Stopandshop store had an appealing look and feel? 

Answer: Based on your recent experience, just rate the look and feel of your nearby store. 

Question 8: Tell us about the availability of staff members to assist you during the Stopandshop Store visit. 

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Answer: Explain your personal opinion towards staff members who helped you in your purchase and visit. 

Question 9: What do you think about the overall prices of Stop And Shop? 

Answer: The overall prices must be of your convenience, based on your budget and convenience. 

Question 10: Did you visited the Stopandshop Store at suitable hours? Are the shop locations accessible?

Answer: It will be your opinions and experiences on which you will be answering this question too. 

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